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Enfants Joyeux offers you a myriad of possibilities to have fun with your kids. We tailor unique and unforgettable events.

Children’s parties

Our all-inclusive and custom concepts allow you to hold unique celebrations without worrying about the organization.

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Our daycare is the perfect opportunity for children who stay at home to learn how to socialize with other friends and prepare for the big jump: kindergarten.

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Room rental

Whether it’s for a birthday party, a baby shower or a professional cocktail party, create the perfect atmosphere in a simple way by renting our special-occasion location in Terrebonne.

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Day Camp

We believe that it is essential to awaken passion and nurture early creativity. That’s why we decided to create thematic camps that suit all tastes.

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Children’s parties

Time is running out, but you promised your youngest that Superman will be at his party? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our all-inclusive and personalized concepts allow you to give the best possible celebrations with a minimum of organization. All you have to do is print our invitation cards, send them out to your guests and you’re done!

Several party options are available to you!


Our daycare is a place where your children can see a different world than at home. They will learn to socialize with other friends before taking the leap in kindergarten, all in a dynamic and rewarding atmosphere.

  • Inscription

    From now on !

    Registration Fee $ 35
    Children from 18 months to 5 years

  • Schedule

    Monday to Friday with 48 hours reservation
    Time: 8:30 to 11:30
    Rates $ 12.50 / day

  • Sessions

    August 31 to December 19, 2018
    January 4 to June 17, 2019

contact us at (438) 390-0120